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Discover the cherished Dutch delight - Stroopwafels! An authentic treat enjoyed for centuries, since 1971, these thin, crispy biscuits embrace a heavenly center of creamy caramel syrup. The irresistible fusion of flavors promises an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of Amsterdam's rich heritage.
As a three-generation family tradition, Van Holland Stroopwafels takes great pride in perfecting our original recipes with the finest ingredients. Nestled in the heart of Amsterdam's Kalverstraat, our charming shop welcomes you to explore an array of delectable flavors and tempting toppings. Customize your Stroopwafel to your heart's desire, making it a uniquely indulgent masterpiece. Watch with delight as our skilled artisans freshly bake each Stroopwafel before your very eyes, infusing it with the warm aroma that evokes pure bliss. Beyond satisfying your own cravings, our Stroopwafels make for delightful gifts. Wrapped with care in special gift boxes, they're the perfect way to share Amsterdam's sweetness with your loved ones.

since 1971

The Best Freshly Baked Stroopwafels in Amsterdam

At Queens Stroopwafels, indulge in excellence! Meticulously crafted with the finest ingredients, our stroopwafels offer a moment of pure bliss. Inspired by our founders' vision, we aim to share joy and satisfaction with each cherished customer. Discover the art of stroopwafel perfection - from classic to innovative flavors, our treats delight all taste preferences. Join us for a culinary journey, savoring the finest stroopwafels that will leave a lasting impression. Welcome to our stroopwafel haven!

Why Queens Stroopwafels

Famous Stroopwafel

If you're looking for the best stroopwafels in Amsterdam, look no further than our stroopwafel shop! We've been baking stroopwafels since 1971, and we know how to make them the right way. Van Holland Stroopwafels in Amsterdam center is a 3-generation family tradition, specialized in baking stroopwafels using original recipes and exclusively the best ingredients. Our stroopwafel shop is located in the heart of Amsterdam, at the famous Kalverstraat 198. We're open daily from 10.30 till 18.30.

Unique & Delicious

It’s difficult to find them better anywhere else. They’re perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth, and they’re a great way to experience traditional Dutch cuisine. The stroopwafel is a unique and delicious pastry that is perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a snack to enjoy on the go or a dessert to share with friends, stroopwafels are the perfect choice. With their rich flavor and crispy texture, stroopwafels are sure to please everyone’s tastebuds.

Traditional Methods

We take pride in using traditional methods to make stroopwafels that will delight your taste buds. Our stroopwafels are made with only the freshest ingredients, and put together with the knowlegde of 3 generations of stroopwafel makers. So you can be sure that when you bite into one, you’re getting the best stroopwafel experience in Amsterdam.

Discover Our Amsterdam Stroopwafel Shop

Located at Kalverstraat 198, our shop is perfectly situated in the heart of Amsterdam. Just steps away from iconic attractions like Anne Frank House, Madame Tussauds Amsterdam, and the renowned Rijskmuseum, you can easily immerse yourself in the city's rich culture. With a plethora of great stores nearby, our Queens Stroopwafel store is a convenient stop during your exploration. Accessible by public transportation, it's the ideal hub to reach all your desired destinations in Amsterdam seamlessly. Picture this: savoring a delectable stroopwafel between visits to two fascinating museums! Uniting the joy of sightseeing with the delight of our authentic stroopwafels, it's an experience that elevates your Amsterdam journey to new heights.

Discover 10+ Tempting Toppings for Your Stroopwafel

Visit our charming store and unleash your creativity with a delightful twist for your stroopwafel. The choices are endless – right on the spot, you can pick the flavor topping that captivates your taste buds. Imagine the scrumptious possibilities - Oreo, KitKat, Smarties, Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, or perhaps Brownie? Each delectable option is waiting to enhance your stroopwafel experience.

No need to worry about availability - our store is always well-stocked with an abundance of stroopwafels. Whether you prefer the classic original or are a fan of the vegan variety, we've got you covered with an array of delightful choices!

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