Original Dutch Stroopwafels: where to get them in Amsterdam?

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Have you ever tried a stroopwafel? These Dutch treats consist of two thin wafer cookies with a sticky sweet filling in the middle. And the best place to get them is in Amsterdam! In this blog post, we’ll tell you where to find the best stroopwafels in town.

Where to get stroopwafels in amsterdam?

Amsterdam is now a hub for delicious stroopwafels! With so many stroopwafel bakeries in the city, it’s never been easier to get your hands on one. From traditional bakeries to creative spots with flavors from around the world, there is an incredible variety of delectable treats to discover. Experience the best of Amsterdam @ Van Holland Stroopwafels and enjoy an unforgettable stroopwafel today!

Start your day with an original stroopwafel from Amsterdam

In short, nothing beats starting your day with a warm and delicious stroopwafel from a local store. Whether you’re an Amsterdam native or just visiting the city, trying out the different flavors of Dutch food is a must.

However you do it; you can’t go wrong with a stroopwafel

Whether you scour your local stores in search of the freshest ones or take the time to search online, you can’t go wrong with this Dutch specialty. Why not try one today and experience Amsterdam’s culture firsthand? How nice is it to enjoy an original stroopwafel while watching the boats sail by?

Our address: Kalverstraat 198, Amsterdam

Kalverstraat is close to some of the most sought-after attractions and iconic landmarks, such as the Anne Frank House, the Royal Palace and the flower market. Whether you’re looking for souvenirs or just fancy a typical Dutch atmosphere – Kalverstraat has it all. At Van Holland Stroopwafels Amsterdam you will find delicious treats that will make your sightseeing and shopping experience a little more delicious and sweeter.

Join us @ Van Holland Stroopwafels

Located in the heart of the city, Van Holland Stroopwafels offers freshly made Stroopwafels that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. With ingredients like butter, syrup, honey and cinnamon in a stroopwafel, this is sure to be an enjoyable treat! Our team of passionate artisans strive to make each stroopwafel with great attention to detail, so that every bite you take takes you straight to stroopwafel heaven. So stop by Van Holland today and treat yourself to something delicious.

Start your day with a smile! (and a stroopwafel)

With the useful information in this blog post, you are now fully prepared to get your hands on a delicious stroopwafel and start your day with a smile. Want to taste a warm and crunchy stroopwafel in the center of Amsterdam? Then come to Van Holland Stroopwafelshop where we offer freshly made syrup waffles every day! With just one bite you will understand why so many people love them so much! We look forward to spoiling you; see you soon!

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