6 things to do in Amsterdam (including a sweet treat)

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Amsterdam is full of culture, history and exciting things to discover. While you’re enjoying everything this beautiful city has to offer, there’s one more place not to miss: Stroopwafelshop Van Holland Stroopwafels. Here you will taste an authentic Dutch stroopwafel in Amsterdam and breathe new life into your next adventure. Discover 6 things to do in Amsterdam and try the delicious stroopwafels at Van Holland Stroopwafels. 

  1. Explore the canals

Amsterdam is known for its fantastic canals, which are on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Take a relaxing boat trip along the picturesque canals and admire the beautiful canal houses and bridges. Before you get on the boat, walk past stroopwafelshop Van Holland Stroopwafels and be surprised by a delicious stroopwafel while enjoying the view. 

  1. Discover culture

Amsterdam has a rich cultural scene and many world-renowned museums. Visit the Van Gogh Museum to admire the masterpieces of the legendary Dutch artist. Be enchanted by the colors and brushstrokes of his artworks and dive into Dutch art history.

  1. Stroll through the charming Jordaan area

The Jordaan is one of Amsterdam’s most popular neighborhoods. Stroll through the narrow streets, discover the hidden courtyards and enjoy the cozy atmosphere. Visit the Noordermarkt where you can find local food and handicrafts. And don’t forget to stop at Van Holland Stroopwafels for a stroopwafel to start or end your Jordaan walk.

  1. Visit the Anne Frank House

Experience the fascinating story of Anne Frank and her family during World War II. Visit the Anne Frank House, where Anne wrote her famous diary. 

  1. Cycle through the city

Amsterdam is known as the “Cycling City” and cycling is the perfect way to explore the city. Rent a bike and explore the charming streets, historic buildings and beautiful parks. Stop by Van Holland Stroopwafels and have a stroopwafel break for new energy.

  1. Relax in the Vondelpark

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and spend time in the beautiful Vondelpark. Enjoy the green lawns, picturesque ponds and vibrant flowerbeds. Bring a picknic blanket, lie under a tree and enjoy the tranquility. Visit the Van Holland Stroopwafelshop for a delicious Dutch treat before you go or just end your picknick with this and walk past it on the way back to Central Station.  

Amsterdam is a city full of surprises, history and vibrant culture. Whether you’re cruising the canals, admiring art, strolling through charming neighborhoods, visiting historic landmarks, biking through the city or relaxing in the park, Van Holland Stroopwafels will make your experience complete. 

So don’t forget to stop by the Van Holland Stroopwafelshop for an unforgettable sweet memory of your Amsterdam adventure.

Enjoy Amsterdam and hope to see you soon!

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