7 Amsterdam food favorites every tourist should try before leaving the Netherlands

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If you visit Amsterdam, you’ll definitely want to try some of the city’s most iconic dishes. From stroopwafels to herring, there are plenty of delicious dishes that will leave a lasting impression. In this blog, some dishes you’ll definitely want to taste before you leave the Netherlands!

1. Haring – a Dutch favorite, often eaten with diced onion, pickles and bread

Haring is a delicious fish that the Dutch have enjoyed for many centuries. It is often eaten cold, with pickles, diced onion and white bread or crackers with butter. The delicate flavor of herring goes perfectly with the sharp taste of traditional Dutch pickles and the pleasant crunch of raw onions. With its tender texture and aphrodisiac reputation in cultural countries, haring is an ideal dish to celebrate any special occasion.

2. Kaas – Dutch Cheese

A culinary mainstay in the Netherlands, Dutch cheese can be found in countless varieties across the country. From aged Gouda to creamy Edam, Dutch cheeses are known for their complex and distinct flavors. With more than 200 varieties of Dutch cheese to choose from, there is something for everyone, allowing both experienced cheesemakers and hobby cooks to explore this delicious part of Dutch culture.

3. Bitterballen – fried meatballs, traditionally served with mustard

Bitterballen are a classic snack from the Netherlands. These delicious fried meatballs are tender and juicy when prepared the right way. They are traditionally served with mustard for an extra flavor boost. With a juicy beef flavor and a crispy golden coating, they add a touch of European charm to your night out.

4. Poffertjes – small pancakes

Poffertjes, native to the Netherlands, are small pancakes made with yeast and buckwheat flour. They are often eaten with butter and powdered sugar, resulting in a decadent sweetness that perfectly offsets the savory taste of the buckwheat. Although these tempting treats have been around for centuries, they remain a favorite of people who like to indulge in sweet treats full of flavor. Poffertjes can be served as a hearty breakfast or a delicious dessert.

5. Apple pie – made with a puff pastry crust and a sweet cinnamon filling

Dutch apple pie is most popular in the fall because of its use during the holidays. It is a special treat made from a puff pastry crust and a delicious cinnamon filling. The unique combination of crispy dough and creamy filling creates an irresistible texture that goes well with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. There is something comforting about a big piece of delicious Dutch apple pie!

6. Hagelslag – sprinkles

Sprinkles are a popular breakfast item, especially on bread or toast. For decades, these little sugar treats have been eaten by children and adults who love their crunchy texture and delicious taste. Sprinkles come in a wide variety of flavors, from traditional rainbow sprinkles to chocolate-based sprinkles that add that extra chocolatey something special to morning meals. Whether you add them to waffles, pancakes or hot toast, there is nothing more delicious than a sprinkle of these sweet morsels to start the day off right!

7. Stroopwafels – two thin wafers with a sticky syrup filling in the middle

Stroopwafels are a delicacy popular in the Netherlands and abroad. The traditional treat consists of two thin waffles that are slightly crispy on the outside, topped with a thick layer of syrup filling – usually made of caramel, cinnamon or chocolate. These Dutch waffles are not only an irresistible snack, but can also be warmed up over a cup of coffee or tea to bring out the tempting sweetness of their filling. There is no doubt that stroopwafels bubble with flavor and are perfect for any time of the day!

Which Dutch delicacy will you try?

Trying all these different Dutch delicacies is a great way to discover and taste the local culture. Do you love fish, flavorful cheese or do you prefer sweet poffertjes or stroopwafels? Whatever Dutch dish you decide to try, don’t forget to visit our Van Holland Stroopwafel store in Amsterdam for some extra indulgence!

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