Best Vegan treat in Amsterdam: Van Holland Stroopwafels

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Are you looking for a delicious vegan treat while in Amsterdam? Then head to Van Holland Stroopwafels! These stroopwafels with cinnamon and sugar are truly addictive – and they are 100% vegan! So whether you have dietary restrictions or not, you can enjoy this treat without guilt.

More and more people like to eat vegan

Veganism is a revolutionary diet that has been on the rise in recent years. Not only does veganism promote animal welfare, it also has numerous benefits for people. Veganism is ideal for people who want to follow a compassionate diet and improve their health.

How is a vegan stroopwafel made

Making vegan stroopwafels in the city of Amsterdam has been a specialty for centuries, and at Van Holland Stroopwafels, it is an art form. The dough is made from vegan ingredients such as flour, vegan butter, vegan honey, vegan milk and syrup. After kneading the dough until it is smooth and elastic, we roll it out by hand before carefully placing it in traditional Dutch waffle molds. With this elaborate process and selected ingredients, you can rest assured that every vegan stroopwafel at Van Holland Stroopwafels is delicious!

How did the (vegan) stroopwafel become so popular in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has long been home to many famous sweets such as licorice, sprinkles and poffertjes, but none have achieved the level of popularity that the stroopwafel has. First invented in Gouda in the 18th century, the stroopwafel was only seen as a special dessert, but as it became more popular, its fame spread south and it eventually found its way to Amsterdam.

What you taste when you eat a vegan stroopwafel

Eating a vegan original Van Holland Stroopwafel is an experience like no other. The taste and texture is incredibly unique, with perfectly crunchy caramel-like syrup between two thin vegan waffles. It’s like biting into a piece of vegan history! The vegan stroopwafel has been made in Amsterdam since 1835 and is the first vegan alternative to the traditional Dutch delicacy. The stroopwafel is most delicious when it’s warmed up a bit, so the syrup melts just enough.

Why a vegan stroopwafel?

A vegan stroopwafel is the perfect vegan treat for someone who prefers not to eat animal products. The vegan syrup waffle is a delicious treat that will satiate any sweet tooth. A vegan stroopwafel requires no compromise when it comes to taste. It is the perfect snack or dessert to take your vegan diet to the next level without compromising on classic flavors.

The best vegan stroopwafel in Amsterdam

Are you coming to Amsterdam soon? If you’re looking for the perfect vegan treat in Amsterdam, look no further! For a truly unique experience in sweet indulgence, try our vegan stroopwafels!

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