The best stroopwafels in Amsterdam: where to eat them

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If you’re looking for the best stoopwafels in Amsterdam, look no further! In this blog post, we will tell you where to find the best waffles in the city. Read on to find out where the best stoopwafels can be found!

Where to go for the best stroopwafels in Amsterdam

The best place to get them is undoubtedly at “Van Holland Stroopwafels” in the Kalverstaat. This shop has been around for centuries and is best known for its classic Dutch waffles. They specialize in the traditional Dutch treat, and you can expect only the best. All their waffles are freshly made in front of your eyes using authentic recipes. The store also offers a wide selection of flavors and toppings, so you can create your own unique waffle!

Why do we have the best stroopwafels?

Our stroopwafels are the best because they are freshly made with love and care. We use the best ingredients to make sure our stroopwafels have that unique flavor that you can only get at Van Holland stroopwafels in Amsterdam.

Best stroopwafel AND experience

We are passionate about making sure our customers get the best experience when they visit us. We take great pride in providing the best tasting stroopwafels in Amsterdam, and we are sure you will enjoy them. Our friendly staff members are always happy to help you find the perfect waffle for your taste buds. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Sweet snack in between activities

From our variety of flavours to our wide selection of shapes, we have something for every craving! So, if you’re looking for an exciting sweet snack in between activities, we have the best selection of stroopwafels in town. We take great pride in serving up quality and freshness with every bite.

Stroopwafels to take home or as a gift

Stoopwafels make the friendly gesture of giving a real treat, making those special moments with family even more friendly. Our gift packs are carefully curated to contain only the best stroopwafels in Amsterdam, ensuring you can give something unique and delicious no matter the occasion. So, while treating yourself to a truly Dutch delicacy is always a pleasant surprise, why not take delight to share them with someone else? Who will your friendly gift be for today?

Stop by and enjoy a delicious stroopwafel

Van Holland Stroopwafels in Amsterdam is the best place to get the best stroopwafels in town. We take great pride in providing you with a delicious and unique experience every time you visit us. With our freshly made waffles, best ingredients, a lot of love and friendly staff members, we are sure that you will enjoy every bite! Wij heten je van harte welkom! (We warmly welcome you)

Stroopwafels Amsterdam are open till late

Van Holland Stroopwafels has become a favorite of locals and tourists alike. The best thing about this spot is that it’s open until late (19.30 PM), so you can have a tasty snack even when the sun has gone down.

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